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The 1000 Solar Rooftop Challenge is a collaboration of citizens, businesses, and non-profits in the Ottawa area. The group was formed to educate the citizens of the region and encourage them to install solar photovoltaic or thermal systems on their homes and businesses.


Are you interested in joining the solar revolution, but don't have space on your rooftop? The Ottawa Renewable Energy Coop might be the fit for you. Learn more on our Resources & Links page.


Solar Fair 2012 - Saturday, June 16th

We are now pleased to announce that the Second Annual Ottawa Solar Power Fair will be held on June 16th at the Ottawa City Hall! The fair begins at 9am and will run till noon. Attendance is free!

If you would like to exhibit at the event, please contact Dick Bakker at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




Going Solar 2011

Our goals for 2011 are to highlight 10 case studies from different sectors across the Ottawa area including a school, business, non-profit, municipal building, residence, place of worship, etc. In addition to promoting these case studies, the 1000 solar rooftop challenge is about getting all community members involved in going solar!

Check out the following video solar case studies on the Tucker House project and Joan Haysom's residential project.




Find out more about the Solar Case Studies.


SVTC Solar Scorecard 2011

Ever wondered how clean those solar panels you're planning to purchase really are? Photovoltaic panels contain many different chemicals and heavy metals which, if handled improperly, could be damaging to not only the environment, but the people that build them, and the people that dispose or recycle them. Just like with everything else, some companies are better than others at producing their panels. Some even take the panels back at the end of their life to recycle and re-use all the materials.

Don't fear though - you don't need to sort through mounds of technical literature to figure out who's clean, and who's not. The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition has released their Solar Scorecard for 2011. The scorecard will help you decide on which company is truly dedicated to sustainability and who isn't.

Here is what SVTC states is the intent behind their scorecard:

"The scorecard is a resource and a guide for consumers, institutional purchasers, investors, and anyone who wants to be sure that PV modules are manufactured by companies that are responsible stewards through product lifecycles. The companies participating in the survey demonstrate their willingness to be transparent and show a commitment to improving the sustainability of the PV industry.

The scorecard provides the transparency necessary to determine industry progress in meeting SVTC’s sustainability and social justice goals. It also lets companies see where they rank relative to their competitors. Our goal is to use SVTC’s sustainability principles to drive the PV industry in a more sustainable direction that protects workers, communities, and the environment."

Detailed report is available here: Link



Please see the About page for contact information.