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Why the World Needs a Solar Revolution – Especially Home Solar

Why the World Needs a Solar Revolution – Especially Home Solar

One of the many things that we pay for each month is our electricity bills. The cost can differ from one household to another, but sometimes it can go higher than we could afford. This makes it a burden to our wallets. Fortunately for us in the modern world, there is a way to cut costs on energy and that is by using solar power.
In the last few years, a lot of solar companies have popped up all over the world and are offering an efficient and more affordable alternative to the usual source of energy. The best part is that they do not only seek to help individual households but the environment, too.
However, for us to make a positive impact on the environment, it is not enough to have just a few households and office buildings run on solar power. We need to rise collectively and join the solar revolution. If you are quite hesitant in doing so, here are a few reasons and benefits you can enjoy that could convince you to use solar energy:

You can save money.

Solar power gets its energy from the sun. Of course, sunlight is free and is readily available for several hours a day. If you can make your house or office run solely on solar energy, then you would pay absolutely nothing to utility companies.

You would only have to spend money to purchase your solar panels and install them on your roof. You will also have to pay for their maintenance. But, if you compute everything, the annual cost that you would be paying for solar energy would be less than what you would pay a regular utility company. You can use your money to buy more important things!

You can enjoy a more reliable and secure source of energy.

Nobody can turn off the sun. As long as it rises and sets, you can generate and save energy for your household to use anytime. You will never experience power outages.

You can increase the value of your property.

Having an affordable, secure, and reliable source of energy is something that would be very helpful to any person living in your home. If you are planning to resell your house or put it up for rent, you can do so at a higher price. You don’t even need to wait long to close a deal because your solar panels would attract more prospect buyers or renters.

You can help different plant and animal species save their homes.

Building massive power plants means you have to destroy the habitats of some species to have enough space. Without their homes, animals and plants could die and slowly move towards extinction. This could mess up the ecosystem and hurt humans, too.
Also, solar energy is clean energy. It does not pollute the air and water to make electricity. The pollution levels of the air and sea can slowly decrease and maybe even disappear over time.

You can help create jobs.

Just like any other rapidly-growing industry, supporting solar power companies will help them grow – this means that they would need more manpower to cope up with the demands of their clients and maintain excellent customer service.
In fact, a study from the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts has found that 14 jobs are made available for every $1,000,000 invested in the solar power industry. This is already very high compared to the natural gas industry that only creates 5 and coal industry that only produces 7.


If you want to join the solar revolution, you can always start small. You can start by getting 50% of your energy needs from the sun. You can improve it from there and slowly make your way to making your house run on renewable energy entirely.
As of 2015, 4.6 million homes in the US are already running on solar power, and this number is still growing rapidly. A lot of people see the benefits that it can bring to their family, their community, and to the world. If more homes all over the world would join the solar revolution, then more people could enjoy the good things that it can bring, and the planet will become cleaner than it ever was.
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