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Mold Growth & Solar Panels?

Mold Growth & Solar Panels?

Even though solar panels are designed for durability, there are various dangers of not maintaining them. A small amount of care is needed to make them run smoothly and to be able to generate maximum amount of power required. Solar panel care and maintenance does not cost much and is not something you need to do regularly.

Below are some of the general tips for solar panels maintenance.

Always keep them clean

Depending on the climate of your area, solar panels can get dirty very quickly. Layers of dust and other debris can block the sun rays from reaching the cells inside the solar panel. You need to wipe the panels frequently. Sometimes, getting at the system may be hard, especially on the roof or another hard to reach location. Here you can seek the services of professionals. Be gentle and firm when cleaning to get rid of debris such as dirt and fallen leaves. Even though rain can help to clean off the panels, it cannot clean under the panels. This means you need to get rid of trapped pieces or those large for rain to remove.

Make sure you inspect the panels

While cleaning the panel, it is important to conduct an inspection of the system. You can inspect the Solar panels once a year, and record the condition of the panels in your notebook. By noting down, come next year’s inspection you will have a record of the previous condition.

One advantage that solar panel systems have is that they do not have moving parts. This means that the parts inside are protected and designed for durability. However, mold growth under the panels can cause numerous dangers.

Get rid of growth under the solar panels

Mold is caused by plenty of excess moisture. Mold cleanup under the solar panel is not a complicated task because you already know its source. Even though it can be a complicated task as some roofs are very slippery, this means getting a mold removal specialist can be a good decision.

You can also get a mold control product to spray on the affected areas. The product will kill the mold but may not get rid of the stains on the roof. If there are stains, stain removal will be the next step after killing the spores. To remove the stains from the roof, a stain removal product will have to be applied. You can use bleach as well but the treated area can become discolored.

Cleaning of this growth on the roof is not an easy task; however, it is possible with hard work. It is therefore important to be protective when removing mold. You should wear ventilated mask and gloves. Protective clothing is also important. It is therefore crucial to have professional company come to your home and fix the problem.

Dangers of roof mold

A dirty roof is not only unattractive to the eyes, but it can also cost you money and even affect your health. Here are some of the dangers of mold under the solar panel.

1. Can affect your health

No matter how you view it, mold will always have negative effects on your health. Even though most reports record the effect of mold on those with allergy conditions, the fact is that living in a mold infested house can make any person sick. Though not all molds pose immediate dangers to our health, some forms are very dangerous. This is very true for families with kids or older folks, and individuals who suffer from respiratory problems such as asthma.

But how does the mold under the solar panel make its way to our homes?

When it rains, the molds will make it way to the sidewalks or driveways. These are the same driveways or sidewalks that all our family members use before entering the house. This can make the spreading of mold easier than you can imagine.

2. About energy

If the danger of getting sick does not get your attention, having a roof that is covered in mold can affect the energy you use in the house. You need to know that dark stains on the roof act as a sponge to absorb the sun heat. This can cause the temperature inside the house to rise. This means when a roof is covered in mold, it makes systems such as air conditioner to work harder. Studies also shows that a clean roof helps a solar panel to absorb a lot of heat.

3. Mold can damage your roof

Another danger of having mold on your roof is the most obvious one, damage to your roof. It can and will destroy your good roof. We all know that roof repairs are very expensive. Now imagine if you have to replace the entire roof just because a part of it was destroyed so badly by mold. It will damage your roof and you will have to make costly repairs.

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