Types of Pipes: Advantages and Disadvantages

Types of Pipes: Advantages and Disadvantages

Copper pipes

Copper pipes do not suffer deterioration such as iron, lead or PVC. They resist high temperatures, pressure, and oxidation. It is necessary to foresee when embedding this type of pipes to cover them with an insulating material to prevent the corrosion of the metal in contact with the cement or plaster. Visit alwaysopenandshutgaragedoor.com for more details.

PVC pipes

The PVC, this is a very corrosive resistant material has a thermal expansion rate reasonable, and pipe sections are easily attached with special adhesives. Its use is recommended for drains (pipes where sewage or fecal water is discharged), downspouts (main drainage pipes) or siphons (“obstacles” of the tube), which allow filtering objects that can damage the pipe and prevent the return of evil smells best san diego garage door repair.


Lead pipes

It has long been proven that lead is not a recommended material for hot water installations because it deteriorates rapidly with high temperatures. Even its use for drinking water is questioned.

Iron Pipes

The accumulation of rust is a problem in iron pipes. It is also an inferior malleable metal. Therefore, its use in the sanitary installations of homes is more and more eradicated. Copper and plastic pipes have now displaced it.

PVC pipes

The purpose of PVC pipes is limited, since, with high temperatures, this material may suffer alterations. Also, the low temperatures affect him negatively, causing high rigidity in the plastic, raising his sensibility to the blows.

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